janu wellness

Our paramount 4,000 sqm wellness centre offers boundless variety, whether choosing to explore with others, or embarking on your own journey. The space comprises Tokyo’s largest gym (340 sqm), a 25m swimming pool, five group movement studios, seven treatment rooms, two Spa Houses and a hydrotherapy area with a Hammam or Banya. Access is exclusively reserved for hotel guests and Janu Tokyo Wellness Collective members, who also have access to a private member’s lounge.


Amplify your inner strength at our dynamic wellness centre, offering diverse avenues for movement and growth, from spinning and boxing to functional training and advanced recovery, all in dedicated studio spaces designed to optimise your practice.


From a wide spectrum of adventures to goal-oriented private sessions, our expansive spa, fitness and wellness spaces encourage moments of joy – whether seeking the encouragement of a social experience or embarking on a personal journey with expert assistance.

guided by experts

Our industry experts help you reach your most ambitious goals through group retreats, specialist programmes and Janu’s signature techniques. Train for a marathon or annual event, improve focus through a corporate retreat or join daily training sessions with leaders in their fields.

Going further together

The journey towards personal growth and learning often thrives in the company of others. Achieving our loftiest aspirations is made possible through expert-guided programs, shared group adventures, and enriching retreat experiences.

Playful movement

The simplicity of joy through movement is fundamental to a healthy life. We create space to reconnect with whatever moves you– from high impact circuit training to Pilates.

Advanced recovery

Enhanced with cutting-edge technology and science, we design expansive, sunlit environments to foster a collective sense of well-being. Our facilities also offer private spaces for moments of personal rejuvenation.

Empower the mind

We believe in the pursuit of a more mindful approach to performance. By aligning mind and body and taking a holistic view, personal and professional goals are met and exceeded, expanding your true capacity.

Janu Tokyo wellness Collective

Join our wellness community and embark on a transformative journey towards improved health under the theme of social wellness, sharing fitness and wellness experiences with a supportive community of like-minded individuals. 

Be part of the collective

Alongside daily access to the entire 4000sqm Janu Tokyo Wellness Centre and an exclusive private lounge, members receive special rates for spa treatments, priority access to reservations for group classes and complimentary hotel valet parking for up to five hours.